How to Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Your Own Blog

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online, is through blogging so we are going to show you how to start your own blog. Blogging is quite simply a platform that you can use to write posts that other people may view and comment on. This website has a a blog, however as you’ve probably noticed it’s a bit different to an ordinary blog, as there’s are some tools and other features available.

This is because blogging serves a wide variety of site designs, and doesn’t always have to incorporate a structure whereby people are limited to just leaving comments. When you start your money making blog, you may initially be thinking things such as ‘how do I get loyal readers’ and ‘how do I increase my RSS subscriber feed’. Here’s the best piece of advice you’ll ever get in relation to blogging: Loyal Readers Don’t Matter That Much!

You might think this sounds a little odd, but it’s true, and I shall explain. You see, when you rank a site in the search engine results using either organic methods or Google Adwords, and a person visits your site, you obviously want them to buy a product, or perform some type of action that you will profit from. This is all that matters with online marketing. Giving that reader something of value may be important, but only if you can profit from it. So if someone comes to your site from Google searching for ‘marketing secrets’ and you offer them a product for "social media marketing secrets’, and they buy that product after reading your blog, do you think it really matters if they’re a loyal reader or not? It doesn’t. All that matters is that they buy your product.

The reason you must grasp this concept is so that you can learn to write as a marketer, and not as a blogger. Remember first and foremost what your goal is, your goal is to make money blogging, not to become a social blogger. If you want to be a social blogger and make a few dollars on the side, then that’s fine too, but it’s not how you make serious money.

You’ll want to make your blog good so that a person doesn’t perceive it as being some long winded sales letter, but you’ll also want to be recommending some product or service as well, maybe something you have tried and recommend yourself of course. So that is the basic on how to start your own blog and if you do this effectively, you’ll be able to make money blogging, provided that your website has a decent rank within the search engine results pages.

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People often come to me for advice about starting an online business or getting their own unique domain name and web presence. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer, then it's this: apply what you know, do your research, find a target market, and create a well ranked site that offers some type of product or service to that target market. - Ashley Boardman