Webpark Australia

Welcome to Webpark Australia. We are an Australian domain name marketplace. We provide an easy way to buy aftermarket domain names so you can build a business or personal online presence. If you are starting an online business we can help you select a domain name so you can start generating web traffic and start earning an income on the internet.

We have designed, developed and currently manage a number of websites, all marketing different products and services on behalf of our clients. It is possible to make money online with a sound business model or concept and a brandable domain name and well designed and structured website.

Our clients often come to us for advice, they ask all sorts of questions about starting an online business or getting their own web presence. If there’s one piece of advice we can give our clients, then it's this: do not give up. Most people fail at running an online business or successfully launching a website simply because they give up. If you don’t give up, then all we can say is that eventually you should succeed.

Apply what you know, do your research, find a target market, and create a well ranked site that offers some type of product or service to that target market. That’s all you need to know to make a living online.

Buy Aftermarket Domain Names

It's vital to own either a premium quality generic domain name or brandable domain name and develop a website whereby you own and distribute the content you want. This way you control how the content is accessed, how it’s monetised and how it’s presented.