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Google Adwords Advertising

You’ve probably heard all the talk about optimising your site for organic search results, however what people often overlook are ways to get website traffic with Google Adwords advertising. Adwords can be one of the easiest ways to get website traffic and in turn make money online, and can even be pulled off with little effort, provided that you know what you’re doing.

The thing that scares most new people away from Google Adwords is the fact that you have to pay money every time someone clicks on an ad. Furthermore, this price can sometimes be quite expensive. What some people don’t realise however is that you can set limits to how much you’re willing to ‘bid’ for each click, and the lower you set your limit, the less money you will spend.

Of course your ad will show less frequently, and lower in the paid advertisement listings, but nevertheless it can be easier to get your websites presence established as opposed to trying to do so via organic means.

Here’s another interesting thing that a lot of internet marketers won’t tell you. The conversion ratio for traffic to Google Adwords ads is often higher than that of organic traffic. This is usually due to two reasons. First of all, you can send the visitors to what’s called a ‘landing page’, which is basically a page that is devoted to doing nothing but advertising a product or service, without offering too much information.

Such a page may never rank within the organic results, but can be displayed on the first of paid listings with Adwords. Therefore once you attract a visitor, you don’t need to focus on things such as SEO, instead you can purely focus on writing a sales letter.

The second reason that conversion ratio is often better with adwords is because the visitor often knows that you’re going to be selling a product or service of some form, yet they click the ad anyway. This means that the visitor is more likely to be in the buyer’s mindset, and more willing to purchase your product. If they weren’t, then odds are they wouldn’t click a paid advertisement.

So as you can see, you making money with adwords is quite a real possibility, provided that you write a good landing page. Remember that you don’t have to worry about things such as back links, but you will want to focus on creating a landing page that is optimised for your keyword, as this will often lower the CPC (cost per click) that you pay for any visitors.

The lower CPC you pay, the easier it is to make money. Adwords can be quite profitable if you know what you’re doing.

If you plan to make money with adwords soon, then why not look for a site that offers some form of voucher to get you started? A lot of web hosting companies will offer you vouchers and discounts for adwords, and Google themselves may run a promotional offer from time to time, so always be on the lookout for these vouchers.

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