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Auto Renewing Domain Names

This is a short story about the importance of auto renewing domain names because if you forget or don't receive a renewal email from the registrar it could be very costly. Just yesterday I was looking through expired domains from the auDA official drop list. I noticed the domain name homeloancalculator.com.au was due to be purged from the system the following day. I wondered why such a valuable domain name would not be renewed by the owner considering the phrase was generating about 22,000 searches every month.

I decided to contact the domain registrant directly to make him an offer to purchase the domain because he obviously did not know what a valuable asset he was about to let go. After I applied some investigative skills I tracked down the registrant via a whois search and made him a cheeky offer of $500 for the domain.

His reply via email was "sorry I think you missed two zeros off your offer" and his follow up email was "feel free to get in touch when you have a commercial offer - otherwise don't waste my time." So the registrant valued his domain at about $50,000. That was probably and accurate estimate.

As the story goes the registrant did know what the domain was worth but why has he allowed it to lapse I thought.

Today the domain was purchased on an Auction site for $33,001. That will be an expensive lesson to the original domain registrant. He should have had a domain name auto-renew on his prized asset. Check your auto-renew right now!

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