What is Brand Protection ?

When you register a .com.au domain name we highly recommend registering the most popular generic top level domain (gTLDs) to complete your portfolio - the .com extension! This brand protection strategy is commonly used by companies who are concerned about brand abuse and trademark dilution and is an essential strategy when your domain name is entered directly into the URL bar with any generic top level domain extension.

Why is Brand Protection Important?

I have registered the domain names Webpark.com.au and Webpark.net.au to cover the Australian market brand protection. If a potential customer has heard about your business or brand they might try and find you by typing the domain with other domain extensions such as .com directly into the URL bar. If you don't own the .com domain extension you risk losing potential web traffic to a competitor.

I don't own Webpark.com as the owner wants a lot of money to sell it, so I have to also weigh up the cost of acquisition versus the potential visitors that it might attract. My foremost consideration in getting the .com would be to own the brand and maybe increasing the intellectual property value of the business at the same time. Definitely something to consider.

So in theory if I were to register or in my case purchase the .com extension my customers can be redirected to my main business website Webpark.com.au, so I would never miss a potential visitor again.