Starting an Online Business

Starting an Online Business

If you have a business idea or are in the process of starting an online business you can't do everything yourself and you wouldn't want to. Trust me on that. You're going to need a lot of help along the way. Here's how to get that help and what your going to need.

1. Find a Talented Graphic Designer

Graphic design does make a difference. Poor quality or slow loading graphics decrease response time. With the roll-out of the Australian Fibreoptic Broadband Network we are going to see much more elaborate graphics in the future. The load time will be less of an issue than it was in the past. Still, in talking to my clients I find that many are still on a less than desirable internet service. Your graphic design should draw attention to the message your are trying to convey. Graphic design for the sake of looking flashy or slick is a waste of money. You must have a purpose to your design. I recommend you hire someone who is a professional. You can use places like Fiverr or if you are confident to give it a go yourself I recommend Canva where you can create amazing graphic designs for free.

2. Find a Webmaster

You may need Content Management System or HTML help. Trying to figure out why your form isn't submitting data can get very frustrating. You're going to want to hire a website development expert who can help you with all the technical details.

3. Find a Great Programmer

You're going to want to have programs installed on your web server. Perhaps a script or module that performs a certain task or function. To do this, you're going to need an expert to help you. You're going to need an expert in PHP / MYSQL if you use a Linux Server. Or if you use a Windows Server, you'll need an expert in ASP. Personally, I use and recommend Linux.

4. Where Do You Find Help?

Firstly, let me say that I can help you with all the functions listed above for a very reasonable price, and if you chose to work with me you won't have to correspond with someone halfway across the world, as you do when you hire most web developers online. Another pay off if you work with me is that you will be protected by Australian Consumer Law and a Service Agreement. Get in touch via the contact page to find out more about starting an online business.

5. Get Help With Customer Service

Once your business gets rolling, you might need to get someone to handle customer service for you. In the beginning you can handle your own customer service but as you get busier you'll want to spend your time working on new products and services. At that point in time you will need customer support software to handle your email, live chats and support tickets, if applicable. Something like Zendesk will be a good starting point.

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People often come to me for advice about starting an online business or getting their own unique domain name and web presence. If there’s one piece of advice I can offer, then it's this: apply what you know, do your research, find a target market, and create a well ranked site that offers some type of product or service to that target market. - Ashley Boardman